Georg Zoeller Clears Up SWTOR Combat Confusions

With everyone talking about SWTOR and few of us actually able to try out the game for ourselves, there have been some questions, confusions and misconceptions about certain aspects of combat. Principal Lead Combat Designer, Greg Zoeller addresses some of these on the official SWTOR forums. One issue was enemy behavior. Are those mobs just going to stand around waiting for us to kill them? Actually, they’re not! Zoeller says, “Enemies will definitely not just stand around waiting to be attacked, even though, in the end, that’s kind of their purpose in an MMO (they are enemies, after all).” He goes on to give some specific examples of what we can expect from enemy behavior: · They engage in a variety of activities when not in combat, which include patrols and overwatch over areas where that makes sense. · When traversing through hostile territory, it is usually a good idea…

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