Project TOR- Fan-site PvP Faceoff – NYCC 2011

Project TOR Organizes a SWTOR Fan site PvP Faceoff at NYCC 2011! What happens when you gather a bunch of SWTOR fan site members together in one place and give them a chance to check out the game they are super excited about? Well, if that game has PvP then you can bet there will be some friendly challenges come about. That’s exactly what happened at NYCC 2011 with the fansite faceoff. This video is a great break from the SWTOR previews and impressions we’re seeing from NYCC 2011 and the release of the press embargo on Star Wars The Old Republic this week and it’s great for laughs, too. Find out how the fan-site PvP Faceoff came to be.

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It’s what we’ve all been waiting for at NYCC- the Star Wars panel! What kind of fun, exciting info is coming out of there today? Fans are hungry for info and NYCC attempts to give us anything new they can at Friday’s panel. Newsarama has been giving us the best coverage to come out of NYCC and has this to say about the Star Wars Panel: BioWare Austin’s Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid led the panel, joined by Game Director James Ohlen, Writing Director Daniel Erickson, and Cory Butler, Live Producer. They went on to provide an overview of the game (in case anyone in attendance actually did not know already) and Reid explained the backstory a bit. “But we’re making an MMO, not a movie, and gameplay is very important to us as well,” said Reid.  Those of us following SWTOR already know all too well how important story…

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Stephen Reid interview on Newsarama

Star Wars: The Old Republic‘sSenior Community lead Stephen Reid did a live interview today with Newsarama. He talked about his launchbeard (no shaving until TOR launch), about the importance of story and how muchfans are really looking forward to it. He talked about how he likes to playSmuggler but is waiting for launch and that he enjoys the Bounty Hunter. There aren’t any big reveals planned for NYCC, apparentlybut there are some “visuals” on the way. Maybe that means we will see some newtrailers or something. Another interesting bit from the interview was thatBioWare intended to announce the launch of SWTOR at NYCC but things did not go accordingto plan. Newsarama has a livestreaming event cam at New York Comic Con on their website. The fullschedule is also listed on the home page. Stay tuned here throughout the weekend for more news from NYCC.

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