Outlaws Den

SWTOR PVP Zone Outlaws Den

You will find open world PvP with plenty of scum, villainy and excitement to spare at Outlaw’s Den in SWTOR- or at least that’s the idea. There will be a special spot in Tatooine for those who love to take PvP to the next level, those who want a little more risk in that casual trip to the vendor and those who just need something to do to break the monotony of leveling. At the recent fan site summit in Austin, TX, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Lead PvP Designer Gabe Amatangelo revealed Outlaw’s Den, a place designed to give you all the good stuff you could ever imagine from a PvP free-for-all zone. What kind of goodies await you in Outlaw’s Den? Well, you can kill members of your own faction so there is that… and you can fight for rewards, fight for the vendors or just fight to…

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