Patch 4.4

SWTOR Game Update 4.4: Known Issues

With a new game update comes new bugs. Here are a list of known issues with game update 4,4: The Collections unlock button does not function within the Collections menu for Fallen Defender’s armor set and the Ginx companion. The description for the Plunderer Pack within the Cartel Market does not list “Weapon Tuning” from the list of available item categories that are drawn from. The source listed on the tooltip pop-up of the inventory icon for the Plundered TC-16 Spewie Display Pedestal decoration is “Alliance Supply Crate” instead of “Cartel Market: Plunderer Pack.” The inventory icon for the Iknayid pet reward from the Eternal Championship does not match the in game pet model. Unavailable Cartel Market items are listed in Collections. With the exception of the first one, these are all issues with the cartelmarket. Apparently BioWare  are OK with shipping with issues they know about to the CM…

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SWTOR Game Update 4.4 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for game update 4.4 releasing tomorrow May 3, 2016. Game Update 4.4: Profit and Plunder Highlights New Feature: The Eternal Championship! Step into The Arena Grand and prove your worth against some of the galaxy’s most notorious fighters! Gain rewards every round while striving to become the Eternal Champion! Chapter XIII: Profit and Plunder! Aid Vette and Gault in a daring clandestine strike to plunder the Emperor’s secret treasury. Players who were subscribed on May 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other Subscribers on Thursday, May 5th. New Alliance Alert: Freedom Fight! Recruit Bowdaar to your Alliance by showing your prowess in the Eternal Championship. Relics of the Gree is back! The Gray Secant has been spotted on Ilum, which means only one thing: the Relics of the Gree Event is back! From May 3rd at 4:00PST/12:00…

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