Paul Darrow

“…and they told me it’s coming out at Christmas” says SWTOR voice actor Paul Darrow

 In an interview with, voice actor Paul Darrow may have leaked information about the release of SWTOR. But don’t start blocking off your schedule for long gaming sessions just yet because I’m not so certain this guy knows much more than the script they handed him to read. In fact, I’m quite certain you (yes, you reading this right now) know more about TOR than this guy. He couldn’t even remember the name of the game: “Actually I’ve just done another one for Lucas, about a month ago. Now what are they calling it…?” Moving along… next Darrow says, “Anyway, I’m a Sith, and they told me it’s coming out at Christmas. I was just doing some tops and tails, because I had recorded it about a year ago. I’m your guide – a Sith warrior.” So there you have it. While Darrow is the first NPC voice heard…

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