pax 2011

PAX Will Have a “Big Reveal” Regarding Companions

We’re all excited to hear all of the SWTOR news coming out of PAX this year but has given us one more reason to get excited about PAX. In an interview with Rich Vogel, we learn some great things about the game as well as some things most of us already new. Still, it was a solid interview that’s worth the time to read over. The real big news came at the very end with a reference to a “big reveal” about companions at PAX. From the article by Carolyn Koh: “Companion characters will not be able to die,” said Rich, “we try not to let players do things that will hurt themselves. Companions can, however, be hurt, be captured, and not be able to adventure with your for a while.” There was more to the Companion system that I asked about, but they were saving it for a…

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