pvp guild summit

Guild Summit 2012 PvP Discussion and Overview

One of the most exciting portions of the guild summit for many players was the talk of PvP.   Here is an overview of the discussion as well as the follow-up Q&A. Player vs. Player Discussion medal system- not balanced across classes right now. No specific queues for warzones Novare Coast: majority control objective – 3 point objective. You need least 2 out of 3 to do damage to fortification. Character warzone ratings for both solo and group player New warzone dailies – based on medal system as opposed to wins. We didn’t finish all the medals – we are introducing a lot more medals for objectives, catching a ball, scoring in huttball, be the first to plant a bomb 18 new medals “We want to discourage medal farming” – medal rewards are capped. We are doubling the amount of medals but cap it at ~8. If you finish a…

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