Novare Coast

TOR TV: Marauder 2.5 Mill. Damage – Novare Coast

This is a scoreboard wet dream in general — deathmatch at the south bunker literally from start to finish. 2 others besides OP cracked 2 million damage, 3 healers hit 3 million. Multipul healers keeping everyone alive, and neither side capping 2 turrets for about 15 min. Wish I was part of this game. Skyrush – Marauder 2.5 Mill. Damage Race – Novare Coast: SWTOR – PvP (Rage) 2.3. Ft, Rázè Bleezár and Evilsmiter. 30 min Long Warzone where for first time I activated my hidden Tunnelvison view i haven’t used for 4 years *cough* as the video says u do not need to watch this if hate something like this, I also increased the speed of the video to not have this too long and to say it right away its only my personal record and also holds to top 5 Dmg In ToFN in PvP, I think there…

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