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SWTOR Launch Predictions for Countries Not Initially Targeted

If you live in a region not getting SWTOR on launch, then you might be wondering what’s going to happen for you. When will you get to play? Can you pre-order from the US and play anyway? Will there be restrictions? How bad will lag be? What about avoiding spoiler content until you get the game? Oh yes, EA/Bioware opened a whole new can of worms with this one and there are a lot of opinions about it and whether or not they made the right choice. had a few things to say about this news and some launch predictions of their own. “What a dog’s breakfast. EA, one of the largest publishers in the world, is sitting on an MMO that, in their own words, has broken their all time pre-order records. Meanwhile, Blizzard lounges in their gilded tower, confidently unworried but surely casting a furtive glance in…

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