Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody Teaser

Generally speaking, the idea of a teaser trailer for a porn film quite frankly occurs to me as something like putting wheels on an ice-cream. Entirely unnecessary. Because all you need to push in order to sell delicious filth to me is the fact that there’s boobs in it. There, simple, Sold! But with Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody those rules are there to be bent, because even without the Q&A, that film is an event in itself. Made by Axel Braun, who has some serious geek credentials behind him by the look of this teaser and what we’ve heard so far on the project, it is an affectionate porn parody like nothing that has come before. Pun completely intended. So here it is, a month before release – the official teaser trailer… Rember also to check out the interview we did with Grand Moff Tarkin aka Eli Cross

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