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SWTOR Sith sniper Tree

We got more Imperial argent goodies for you today. Not only we able to show you the Sith Assassin Tree earlier today, but thanks to AlterSwtor we now also got the Sniper tree. Once again the tree is presented via a video, but you can also click the images below the video and check it all out one by one – very image heavy though. Hope you enjoy! video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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SWTOR Sith Assasin Tree

Yesterday we posted the sith juggernaut and sith inquisitor skill trees, but we got more goodies for you today. The guys over at Alterswotor has posted the Sith Assasin Tree in a video format. Unfortuantly this make sit much harder to get an overview over the whole talent tree, but it is better then nothing. Still hope you enjoy

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SWTOR sith inquisitor skill trees

The skill trees for the sith inquisitor hit the interwebs earlier today and was the first of the leaking sites to host them. It’s missing a tree from either sorc or assassin though. Is it just me or do they look like they’re gonna play a little like an Elemental Shaman from WoW? Little melee thrown in with other skills too. Definitely gonna pick an inquisitor now.

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