Social Abilities

New Level 10 Ability – Emergency Fleet Pass

For those of you in game testing, you might have noticed something pretty cool when you leveled back up to level 10 on your new characters. There is a new ability, although there is some confusion about its actual purpose. As the Reddit poster explains: “This should make some people happy. Decided to level a Sith Warrior on the friends & associates beta server tonight while the main beta servers were down, hit level 10, and this popped up. Edit: Here’s the downside – it currently has an 18 hour cooldown.” So what do you think of it? Personally, I’m thinking the cooldown is way too long to really be useful. It might help you out if you get stuck and want to avoid killing yourself and it could be a quick way to get back to your hub city when your hearth isn’t up. It could be helpful to…

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SWTOR New Build Introduces Racial Social Abilities

We talked before about what the new game testing build might bring to SWTOR. While it seems to have brought some much-needed upgrades, it also has introduced some fun tidbits. If you’re in game testing, you can log in and check them out now. If not, you’ll just have to wait a little longer with the rest of us but so far, they seem fun. These are the new racial Social Abilities: Human: Rally – Rallies nearby allies. Miraluka: Sense Force Alignment – Senses the target’s alignment with the Force. Twi’lek: Parlor dance – Perform an unique cultural dance. Zabrak: Inspire loyalty – Inspires loyalty from nearby allies. Mirialan – Focusing Ritual – Undergo a focusing ritual to rest and recuperate spirit. Cyborg: Scan target – Scans target with a critical cybernetic eye. Sith: Punish – Punish your companion for his or continued failures. Rattataki: Shadowbox – Perform a series…

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