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Star Wars: The Old Republic – ESRB-Ratings Reveal

When it comes to SWTOR, we’re much like the rest of you, waiting for any news or spoilers to help us out when it comes to learning more about the game. The latest teaser comes from a somewhat unlikely source- the ESRB itself. ESRB says, “Some sequences depict brief instances of blood and gore. To complete one quest, players must dip a skull in a pool of blood: in another mission, players deliver a severed head to a specific location and place it on a pike.” So what about sexual content? The ESRB says this: “Players can freely explore many areas in the game, including clubs that depict scantily clad female dancers with exposed cleavage; some sequences include dialogue with sexual innuendo (e.g., “An hour. I think I’m insulted. We’ll need the whole night,” “I’ll be sure to make conjugal visits,” and “Come, dear, let’s forgo the nuptials and proceed…

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