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BioWare Not Excluding a SWTOR Mac Version At This Time

If you’ve been waiting for a Mac version of SWTOR (I know a few friends who are), then there may still be hope for you yet. BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are devoted to their fans and they know how important it is to reach a larger audience and for SWTOR, that includes Mac gamers as well as PC. When talking about how the game will continue to grow in the future, the topic of a Mac version is one that comes up repeatedly. Massively by Joystiq covers the story of what the BioWaredocs think about creating a Mac version: “”Weknow there’s a big Mac audience of BioWare fans … we know that’s an importantand large audience. And we want to serve that audience,” Muzyka told mewhen asked about a potential Mac version of the his company’s latest majorrelease, Star Wars: The Old Republic.” The Massively writer tells…

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