Author: Matt Thurstn

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Developer Insights: Iden Versio

The guys over at Capital Games has posted a new developer insight. This time they are talking with the designers of Iden Versio. After the attack on the Death Star, the Empire responded by assembling Inferno Squad – an Imperial Special Forces commando unit – and appointed Iden Versio as its leader. Now, Iden’s intelligence and relentlessness will be put to use as the newest Imperial Trooper leader to hit the holotables. UNIT NAME: Iden VersioALIGNMENT: Dark SideCATEGORIES: Dark Side, Attacker, Leader, Empire, Imperial TrooperTenacious Empire Attacker who expertly takes out foes while supporting her squad. ABILITIES: Basic: TAKE THEM DOWN FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If no other allies have the Leader tag, Iden deals damage two more times. For each critical hit, Iden recovers 5% Health and Protection. Special 1: PUSH FORWARD (Cooldown 2) FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Vulnerable for 2 turns. Dispel all buffs on target enemy…

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State of BioWare and Looking Ahead.

Studio General Manager at BioWare Gary McKay, posted a new blogpost were he share some thoughts and plans for the future. Most information is about how hard the global pandemic has been on the company, but there is some tidbits about Star Wars: The old republic worh mentioning: So as challenging as things have been, we have a lot of really exciting things to look forward to — especially our upcoming releases! First off, I’m excited to launch Legacy of the Sith, the latest expansion for Star Wars®: The Old Republic™, on February 15. We’re on the doorstep of a new expansion that will see the players with more combat style choices, a new storyline that returns you to the underwater depths of Manaan and the ruined Sith fortress on the planet Elom, and so much more! It all starts in February, and we’ll have more updates throughout the year. We are extremely…

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SWTOR Guild Perks and Guild Levels Guide

Revamped Guild Window The first thing to note is the newly redesigned guild window. It has four tabs: general, roster, perks, and ranks. General tab give you a good overview of guild activity and conquest leaderboard for guild members. Roster have not changed much from the older version. Pretty much identical Perks is completely new in 5.10 and will be expanded on below. Note that to use guild perks you must own a Guild Flagship and unlock the various rooms in the ships. Guild flagships have their prices lowered from 50 mil down to 15 mil. You can now set custom ranks and give specific permissions for each rank you set. Guild Levels Guilds can now earn levels. Guild levels are earned via conquest points with every conquest point = 2 guild XP. There is a weekly cap of 8 million guild XP (4 million conquest guilds) that only very…

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