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Community Q&A: Feb 24th 201

It’s time for the Community Q&A again and this week, some really interested questions were asked and answered by official staff of BioWare. It’s all laid out on the community blog but here’s a snippet of the questions: Chyp: Can we expect to see any animation/damage timing consistency changes between factions? Georg Zoeller (Principal Lead Combat Designer): Yes. The animation team has been working on a new set of animations for abilities like the Trooper’s Mortar Volley to provide closer matching of animation timings and improved combat responsiveness. We expect to roll these changes out with Game Update 1.2. Zennis: Has there been any discussion to streamlining the Space Port process? Perhaps allowing speeders in the Space Ports besides the Fleet? Brian Audette (Senior Designer): We’ve absolutely heard what the fans are saying and have been exploring options to address these issues. While we are still investigating allowing speeder use…

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SWTOR Community Q&A February 17th

It’s that time of the week again- time for the SWTOR Community Q&A. I think this is going to grow into a fun and interesting weekly event. BioWare staff planned to answer 10 questions in this week’s Q&A but actually managed to get in the answers to 12. They have also openedup an officialthread for next week’s Q&A, which will stay open until 2pm CST onFebruary 21st (8pm GMT/9pm CET). So here’s a snippet of what this week’s Q&A covered: DarthBelkar:Can we look forward to server-wide special seasonal / short-term events? DanielErickson: Yes! Expect them to fit into the world andsetting, involve a fair bit of discovery, and offer special rewards that willbe there one day and then gone forever. And expect them soon. Darthinfimus: Doyou plan to implement a /roll or /random command for use in master lootersituations? DamionSchubert: Diceslingers of the world rejoice! /roll hasalready been implemented on our internal development…

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