swtor same sex relationships

Bounty Hunt Event with Same Sex Flirting

If you’ve been waiting to see some same sex flirting in the game of SWTOR, then we have a scene for you. Here in this Bounty Hunt event, you will see some same sex flirting. In fact, if you did it before already, you might have been surprised when you hit that flirt option that it wasn’t for the female but was actually some male-on-male flirtation. See it here yourself: In the Makeb quest line, there is also some male flirt options between the male Sith Juggernaut and male NPC Sith Lord. Have you experienced some other same sex flirting in the game’s story as of late?

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Video: Same Sex Relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic

We are late once again with a news, but better late then never right?Conan O’Brien had some words to say about SWTOR offering same-sex relationships within the game. As you probably already know, there has been some controversy surrounding this decision by BioWare and there are many who are opposed to the decision. Conan reports “exclusive” footage of the game and you can see these same sex relationships for yourself. If you’re familiar with Conan, you know it’s time to get ready for the lolz.    “Exclusive footage from “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, the first Star Wars game to allow same-sex relationships.”

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