Appearance Designer Kiosks

SWTOR Game Update 2.1 Brings Name Updates

We know that SWTOR game update 2.1 is bringing many new customizations. With this comes the name changes we have been promised for quite some time. SWTOR-RP had an exclusive interview with Cory Butler that reveals some interesting info about the name changes: Game Update 2.1: Customization brings us a lot of new goodies to play with, among them being the Appearance Designer Kiosks which allows you to change your character’s eye color, scars, hairstyle, and even species. We had the chance to chat with BioWare Producer Cory Bulter about these Appearance Designer Kiosks and ask him a few questions about this particular feature. Read on below for this SWTOR-RP exclusive! Will the Designer’s features extend beyond the obvious to greater options like character’s name or maybe gender? Character Renames will also be coming in Game Update 2.1 and can be found in the unlock section of the Cartel Market. Gender changes…

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Appearance Designer Kiosks and Armor Dyes in SWTOR

If you saw the latest insider video from Bioware, you might have caught your eye on the new appearance design kiosk and armor dyes they are adding to the game. This will be available in patch 2.1, titled Customization. If you’ve been wanting more customization in SWTOR or are growing tired of your toon’s look, you’re in luck.  The appearance design kiosk will give you the chance to change your hairstyle, hair color, eye color, scars and tattoos and even your species. If you’re character needs a makeover, the time is now! It will cost cartel coins but there is also a permanent discount for subscribers so you can save 50% on all actions at the appearance designer kiosk if you sub. You can also choose features that you want and it works on a slider basis, meaning you don’t have to pay full price for a makeover if you’re…

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