Archon’s Contraband Pack

Game Update 2.2: Archon’s Contraband Pack

Yesterday BioWare updated the official SWTOR website with a page featuring the newest items coming to the Cartel Market This time they are named the Archon’s Contraband Pack, and  features the usual mounts, equipment and weapons.  This pack also features a new interesting item —  Encrypted Datacubes.  The initial four will be obtainable via this pack, with the last four premiering in the Supreme Mogul’s Contraband Pack at a later date. The page also have info on a  “special reward” for those who are able to collect all of them. So if you have deep pockets, good luck to you on getting them all! The new  pack also features new dye modules that are exclusive to the pack itself.  In addition, there are also Grade 9 Crafting Materials, as well as reusable Jawagrams.  You can find a link to the official preview page here.

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