atch 4.0

SWTOR Patch Notes – 4.0.1

Here are the patch notes for tomorrows update: Highlights Knights of the Fallen Empire is now live! The latest evolution of storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ is now available for free to all Subscribers! Cartel Market Artifact items purchased from the Cartel Market no longer require Artifact Authorization. Classes + Combat Jedi Consular Jedi Shadow Utility Motion Control now properly reduces the movement speed of targets affected by Force Slow by an additional 20%. Trooper Commando Medical Probe has been returned! Commandos will need to visit a Trainer in order to relearn the ability. Items + Economy The following items have had their stats corrected: Outlander Med-Tech’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Belt MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Robe MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Jacket MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s Body Armor MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Headgear MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s Helmet MK-6 Outlander Mender’s Headgear MK-6 Outlander Force-Healer’s Boots MK-6 Outlander Med-Tech’s…

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