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SWTOR Game Update 5.4 Patch Notes

Here are the patch notes for Star Wars The Old Republic Game Update 5.4 named “Crisis on Umbara”. The gameupdate is launching tomorrow August 22nd. Check it out below: Highlights New Flashpoint “Crisis on Umbara” – Prepare to lead the ultimate covert assault: battle your way across a moving train, brave the wilds of a dark new world, and more in a high-stakes new Flashpoint! When a deadly traitor is tracked to the shadow-world of Umbara, you’ll need to lead a strike team to confront the betrayer before the galaxy is thrown back into war. Available in [Solo] Story, Repeatable Story, Veteran, and Master Modes. New Stronghold “Umbara Mobile Base” – Once you’ve uncovered the traitor, expand your command with a new Stronghold, the Umbara Mobile Base! For the first time, personalize your very own moving train and enjoy the sights as the shadow world’s eerie landscape passes by. Ranked Season…

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