SWTOR Flashpoint Guide: Athiss

Your team has been called together to travel to the planet Athiss and investigate a distress signal sent back from a Republic survey team. It’s possible that during their dig they uncovered something that should not have been disturbed. After all, this planet used to be the home of an ancient and unstable Sith Lord. Your mission is to discover what they unleashed and put it to rest again. Out of all the Flashpoints in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Athiss is one of the easiest for both Republic and Empire factions but you still need to be prepared to go up against 3 bosses. You can get the most out this flashpoint if you have an archaeologist and someone with Bioanalysis of 75 or more on your team. Upon arriving on the planet, this level 20 Flashpoint begins in a valley surrounding by tombs. You’ll hear a message over…

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