Star Wars: Battlefront – Bespin – New Hero Deep Dive

Dice and EA posted an updated regarding the new heroes that comes with the Bespin DLC. Lando Calrissian and bounty hunter Dengar is nothing to mess with I tell you. Check out what they have to say below. Defining Dengar was similar to our work on Greedo. Since his appearance in Star Wars™: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back™ is limited, we took references from both Star Wars™: The Clone Wars™ and one of the latest Marvel comic book arcs “Vol 2. Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon”. He is a very strong and tough fighter who can take on even the biggest foes. We wanted to reflect those combat skills in the character and made Dengar a villain that thrives on being in a fight. Dengar has wielded different weapons through his appearances and we decided to give him his most iconic weapon, the DLT-19, making him our only Heavy…

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