bioware devs hit goal for banner saga

Ex-BioWare Devs Reach Their Goal for Banner Saga

We told you about the ex-BioWare devs leaving the company to start their own Indie game design company and begin building The Banner Saga. So how has that been working out for them? Well, probably a lot better than many would have imagined. The team is doing great and used Kickstarter to gain funds for their project and it paid off in a big way. “Stoic Studio, the Austin-based developer recently formed by veterans from BioWare, has already reached its $100,000 funding goal for its turn-based strategy RPG The Banner Saga. The indie developer managed to reach its goal on donation platform Kickstarter just two days after launching the campaign, and after receiving pledges from almost 4,000 people. It still has 30 days to raise more money to fund the PC game, which is scheduled to release later this year.” Gamasutra also tells us about some other games that hit…

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