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EA/Bioware F2P Hiring

Have you ever wanted to work for a game company? Now that SWTOR is going free, Bioware is recruiting new employees to help aid this expansion.  The company’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas and they are looking for a Digital Merchandising Specialist.   This position does require that the applicant work well in a team setting in order to have the transition from a for play game to a free game to go smoothly. So do you have the qualifications to apply for this great job opportunity?  The following is an excerpt from Linkedin that was posted by BioWare and shows the job description: “BioWare’s Analytics and Reporting team aggregates, analyzes, and reports data in order to inform decisions and track KPIs. The Austin studio is looking for an experienced, energetic, full-time Monetization Analyst (Digital Merchandising Specialist) to work with our development team.  This person will focus on analyzing, managing,…

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