Commendation Changes

Guide to Patch 2.0 Commendation Changes

As we have already been told by the devs and also seen on the PTS, Patch 2.0 is bringing changes to the game in several different ways. One of these changes will be to the commendation system of SWTOR and this has been a source of confusion for many players so we have set up this little guide to help you understand a bit better. Here is what you can expect to see from the Patch 2.0 changes: Endgame Commendations- Some changes have been made to the endgame commendations you get at level 50. These changes are similar to the planetary commendation changes (described below) and now all of the older comms will be melded into one type. Tionese, Black Hole, Columi and Daily, etc. will now all be called “Classic Commendations”. Once the patch comes out, they will be converted according to this chart: ·      Black Hole – 1:1…

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