Guide to Patch 2.0 Commendation Changes

swtor Commendations

As we have already been told by the devs and also seen on the PTS, Patch 2.0 is bringing changes to the game in several different ways. One of these changes will be to the commendation system of SWTOR and this has been a source of confusion for many players so we have set up this little guide to help you understand a bit better.

Here is what you can expect to see from the Patch 2.0 changes:

Endgame Commendations- Some changes have been made to the endgame commendations you get at level 50. These changes are similar to the planetary commendation changes (described below) and now all of the older comms will be melded into one type. Tionese, Black Hole, Columi and Daily, etc. will now all be called “Classic Commendations”. Once the patch comes out, they will be converted according to this chart:

·      Black Hole – 1:1

·      Daily – 4:1

·      Columi – 4:1

·      Tionese – 6:1

You can get these new commendations through completing level 50 Flashpoints, Daily Quests on high level planets or by doing Operations.

New Planetary Commendations – All of the planetary commendations have now been merged into one universal commendation system called “Planetary Commendation”. There’s no more worrying about getting the specific ones for your planet. They are still found in the same ways but there will also be some new ways to get them such as by completing specific planetary questions, at random drops on the planet and by completing the Daily Group Finder Mission (which gives you 5). You can also trade your warzone commendations in 40 at a time for 1 planetary commendation.

Nothing is changing in regards to the rewards you get and the specific item vendors will still be in place on the planets just like they were before. The only difference is that they now accept the new planetary commendation. In addition, the cap for commendations has been changed to reflect these new commendations and you can have up to 100 on your person at a time and there is a weekly gather limit of 50.

New Basic, Elite and Ultimate Commendations


Now we have the new commendations that are for lvl 50-55 PVE gear that is being set in place come Patch 2.0. The quality of these commendations will vary on three levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Elite
  3. Ultimate

And the gear you can get from them will vary by the same scale. This means Ultimate commendations will get you the best gear and so on down the list. The cap on these new commendations are as follows:

Basic: 400 in storage and 200 weekly

Elite: 300 in storage and 150 weekly

Ultimate: 300 in storage and 150 weekly

You can get the Basic commendations from:

·      Makeb Quests

·      Level 50 Hardmodes

·      Weekly Priority Targets (World Boss) mission

You get the Elite commendations from:

·      Level 55 Hardmode Flashpoints

·      Level 55 Operations

·      Weekly Priority Targets (World Boss) mission

And you can get the Ultimate commendations from:

·      Weekly Galactic Conflicts- complete 3 lvl 55 Hardmode Flashpoints

·      Weekly Scum and Villany

Overall it really looks like these changes are being made to simplify the commendation process and also to offer more rewards for those who collect them. What do you think?

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