Undocumented Patch Changes – SWTOR Patch 1.1

The first official SWTOR patch came out Wednesday and with it come bugs as well as long awaited fixes. There are some little things we’ve been waiting for since launch that we finally have and then there are some other things that will just have to wait a bit longer to be added/resolved.
What changes have you noticed so far? Have you found any previously undocumented patch changes?

One Reddit user has compiled for us a list of undocumented patch changes:

This is NOT a bug list

  • Bank items now stack when right-clicking them from your inventory
  • Diplomacy Mission Discovery Items now include (Light) or (Dark) in their names to reflect the morality yield of the unlocked mission.
  • Orange social sets no longer lose their stats after logging in/loading a new area
  • Companion starter gear has a different visual on several companions
  • You can now see the damage of your abilities while at more than 10 yards
  • Medkits in warzones no longer count towards healing and can’t be used to get medals.
  • Lvl 20 and 40 PvP Sets have had a price increase.
  • Camera re-orients itself to square behind your toon on movement, as opposed to your toon orienting its back to your camera.
  • Epic relics were fixed, they come with endurance for PVE and endurance + expertise for PVP
  • Red Reaper Farming was nerfed. No more massive crazy exp for killing the first boss over and over.
  • Open Communications on Belsavis now has mobs spawned in the vault.

Is there anything you want to add to the list? Are there any bugs now fixed or similar elements that are now found in the game that you want to help share with other gamers? Drop us a comment and let us know!

Lisa Clark

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