Fan Plays Alderaan Warzone 13 Times at SDCC

Lots of great things came out of San Diego Comic-Con, making me sad that I don’t still live there so I could have attended myself. One of the more exciting stories was from the fan who played Alderaan Warzone 13 times.
He was kind enough to gloat about share his experience with the rest of us as follows:
“Okay, okay. I was able to hang out at Bioware Base for 4 days and maybe was able to play some PVP matches while camping the lines. It may or may not have been 13 times. Muawhahehahehah. Jealous? I know I would have been if it wasn’t me. It’s taken a bit to collect my thoughts and type all the details up on all my matches, but here it is, folks. I hope there’s no typos or horrific grammar, but this has been a long few days working on this. Be gentle. Enjoy. Click to read more.”
This guy treats SDCC like a war mission but boy is it awesome! He details his days from start to finish, including the play time in full detail. It’s not quite as awesome as being their yourself but it’s still pretty darn interesting.
His article recreates the Alderaan Warzone map from memory, gives detailed impressions on each Advanced Class that he played (with abilities), and, in a Q&A with himself, answers many questions about SWTOR PvP with his impressions and much more. It’s a great read for anyone more interested in SWTOR and specifically, PvP in TOR.