How to Look like Poe Dameron in SWTOR

In another great installment of “how to look like ___” from SWTORista, we have how to look like Poe Dameron. We love these guides she has created that detail exactly how to create a SWTOR character that looks like character’s from the new Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens”“. Here, she tells us how to recreate Poe, the famous pilot.

A snippet on getting his outfit just right:

Poe’s outfit in the movie is the standard Republic starfighter suit – it’s the same as the ones in the old movies. In SWTOR, there is a few types of pilot suits available, but there is only one close to the one Poe wears in the movie. You could also try dying this uniform with an orange dye!

She also tells you how to get the build, hair and face right. You can try different combos to see what comes out best for you and she even invites you to drop her a comment and tell everyone what combination you find that you like the best. Along with this, she also has How to look like Kylo Ren and How to Look like Rey in SWTOR so if you haven’t seen those yet, head on over and give SWTORista some love.

With the popularity of the movie, we can see the appeal to players wanting to make SWTOR characters to represent these very popular movie characters. Have you seen any running around on your server yet? What about players trying to capture the famous names from the film? I’m sure there are tons of different combinations of those names so far.

Lisa Clark

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