Upcoming Stream Plan for SWTOR

Bioware are planning to do two livestreams each month this year.  One with a producer’s livestream and another one focusing on the story.

Eric posted

Upcoming Stream Plan | 01.07.2016, 08:12 PM

Hey folks,

One of the things we intend to do more regularly this year are livestreams. First off, our next livestream still be next week on Thursday, January 14th from 4 – 4:30 PM CST. This will be a Producer Livestream with Ben Irving to talk about what is going on in the game, and what is coming up. Later this month we will then do a story focused stream with Charles Boyd. This stream will occur on Thursday, January 28th from 4 – 4:30PM CST. This stream will talk about where the story of Fallen Empire is currently, and where it is going.

Our plan for the next few months will follow this format. A Producer Livestream with Ben will be on the second Thursday of the month. Two weeks later, Charles Boyd will talk through the story of Fallen Empire. This way each month we can talk a bit about the status of the game, upcoming changes, etc. And then separately focus on Chapters and the story of SWTOR.

I will be updating the Twitch page to reflect the schedule for the next few months. Thanks everyone!