April’s SWTOR Producer Livestream Coverage

Here is the rundown of yesterdays Livestream Coverage. Alla information gathered by Dulfy over at Reddit.

  • When: 2-2:30 PM PDT (about 1 hr from this posting)
  • What: Get the latest scoop on what’s happening in and around the game, and get a first look at Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder!
  • Where: Youtube mirror:



  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 12
  • Subscriber Rewards
  • Eternal Championship
  • Chapter 13
  • Wrap Up

State of the Galaxy

  • Eternal Championship now live on PTS.
  • Ingame Chat/Mail- We have automated system to combat spam but if you see it still report it to help us.
  • Chapter 12 so far has been great, small patch on Thursday to fix some minor bugs. Force focused user focused chapter but non-force users will find it enjoyable as well.
  • We have not revealed the fate of Khem Val. Ak’ghal Usar is not meant to replace Khem Val.
  • Chapter 12 brings Odessen Proving Grounds (8v8). This will be the only warzone that pops until Thursday morning.
  • Rishi Cove Arena (4v4)
  • Quality of Life Improvements for guilds/strongholds/names/instances.
  • Season 7 PvP begins.
  • RPing is super important to us but having a server set there doesn’t reinforce you to RP there. We felt it was more important to build tools for RPers to roleplay.

Visionary Pack

  • Jedi Strategist armor is a heavy armor modeled on someone in Chapter 12
  • Debate on Savage Nexu Mount/Marsh Hunter Acklay mount – who is cooler? (strawpoll.me/7289709)

Subscriber Rewards for May

  • HK-55 Inspired Ship Droid Customization
  • Early access to Chapter 13: Profit and Plunder.

swtor subscriber rewards

May 4th celebration

  • M4-16 Astromech Droid Mini Pet
  • Double XP (a week duration, dates not finalized but will short before May 4th).
  • Giveaways and prizes
  • Musco Marathon Livestream
M4-16 Astromech Droid Mini Pet
M4-16 Astromech Droid Mini Pet

Eternal Championship

  • Launching with Chapter 13.
  • Setup is meant to pay homage to Taris Arena in KOTOR.
  • People want to see more from rewards for Eternal Championship. We are thinking of adding more stuff to the vendors. The goal is to add some decorations of the various bosses at a minimum.
  • Update to Eternal Championship this week based on feedback. It will stay on PTS about 1-2 more weeks.

Chapter 13 – Profit and Plunder

  • Coming May 3
  • Join Gault and Vette in a high risk clandestine heist.
  • Liberate a fortune plundered by the Eternal Empire
  • Discover the fates of your Alliance Members and get to make some fatal decisions.
  • The choices you have made in prior chapters will come together starting at end of Chapter 13.