The Old Republic Fan Friday Returns

The Old Republic Fan Friday Returns
The Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Friday feature made its return to today!

Community Creations
– a reminder to submit your fan-made artwork through the TOR forums for possible future Fan Friday features

Fan Art
TOR community member Tang has the spotlight shown on his concept art scrapbook
– Community member Vitellius created a 4 minute 3D animation video of Darth Rasp infiltrating a Republic base
– One more commuity member featured; Oxyjin displays what he hopes his character will look like

Developer Corner
– Get to know that Cathar species

– Upcoming events for The Old Republic include Celebration V, Germany’s GamesCon, and the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).

“Hope” cinematic trailer wallpapers are now available

Fan Site Kit
– The fan site kit has received its first update

– New avatars are available with characters featured in the Galactic Timeline, including Master Gnost-Dural, Hylo Visz and Darth Revan

– As always, new TOR polls are featured and added regulary