ZAM opens new SWTOR Fan Site

Yesterday Stephen Reid twittered: “We’ve got a new #SWTOR site up and running today – say hello to” so I had to go and check it out, of course. The new SWTOR fan site packs some pretty big promises right from the start:

“The Force is with us! With anticipation and excitement building for Star Wars: The Old Republic, we’ve created a brand new fansite devoted to all things SW:TOR. Complete with an expanding wiki, forums and robust news section, ZAM SW:TOR will cater to all your current (and upcoming!) Old Republic needs.”

If it promises all things related to TOR, then you can bet we’re going to want to keep our eyes on it as well. The site offers forums ( have your checked out our forums yet? ) , TOR-wiki and of course, news and updates. They plan to cater to all of your current and upcoming TOR-related needs.

We plan to keep an eye on the new site and its developments and bring you any news you might miss from it right here. So if you’re worried about having to keep up with too many sites, we’ll keep you in the loop!