Star Wars: Old Republic plans to cater to casual fans

Casual fans will be happy to hear the news that BioWare is planning new future content to high level casual players. With so many games pushing to the hardcore fans and players, it’s nice to also see a game that address the casual players- those in school, moms and dads with jobs and family responsibilities or those players who are also playing other games at the same time.

Speaking to, the MMO’s lead PvP designer Gabe Amatangelo stated in the future he hopes to introduce new elements that will help high-level casual players play through difficult content the game.

“…One thing I wanted was to make the Normal mode very accessible to casual players,” he explained.

In the interview, he says they have plans to regularly release new Flashpoints, new planets, and other solo content in the future. He describes the process that goes into creating the content that will come from future patches, and also deciding what that content will be. Appealing to the casual player as well as the more “hardcore” player is an important part of that process.

He also describes the first major content update released yesterday:

We’re going to have a new flashpoint Kaon, Kaon Under Siege. It’s going to be a full story flashpoint. It has a whole lot of new action elements, including the first boss where your back’s up against the wall and you have a turret and you have to fight back these waves of enemies coming on. But sorry, let me take a step back. The Kaon Under Siege outbreak has occurred and you have to figure out what’s going on and try to figure out how to stop it. Because of the war between the Empire and the Republic and the recent conflict, there is kind of a power vacuum in the galaxy and there’s a bunch of different contenders trying to fill that. So something is going on on Kaon where someone is trying to fill that hole so to speak, and part of that includes an outbreak of these Rakghouls: a different strand of the Rakghoul virus. So it has a really great sort of ambience – it’s dark – like your guys are going through there with flashlights and things are creeping out at you from the corner and the shadows and you have to fight back. And the first boss fight you encounter, literally your back’s up against the wall with some explosives, a turret, and then waves of monsters coming at you.

Lisa Clark

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