Star Wars Battlefront: Walker Assault Mode Explained

Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault Mode Explained

Many fans of the new upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game are confused and excited about the new Walker Assault mode. There is no an explanation of the mode thanks to BattlefrontUpdates on YouTube.

Walker Assault is an atypical game mode and it has many phases that repeat themselves. The Rebels will be taking out uplinks in order to summon the Y-Wings, the Walkers then arrive in a certain location, the Y-Wings strike back at the Walkers, and then it starts all over again. This scenario plays out in different locations on the map three different times. Walker Assault does not end until the Walkers make it to their shield generator or the Rebels may take them out before they make it to their destination.

During this mode, the Rebels are typically on the offensive and the Empire is on the defensive end. Every phase begins with one location and two uplinks. Rebels will have to secure and lock the uplinks in order to get an extra Y-Wing. To lock in an uplink it takes a total of 45 seconds and the Rebels will have to make sure that they keep control of their uplink if they want to keep their Y-Wings.

After the Walkers show up, the Rebels then get a timer that has two minutes on it and it warns that the uplinks are expiring. After the uplinks are done, they then bring in the Y-Wing fighters and they strike down the Walkers. Every single uplink the Rebels secure gives them an extra Y-Wing.

Once the Y-Wings leave the scene, the Rebels get more time to strike down and they then see if they can take the Walkers down. This whole process takes around 10 seconds but every extra Y-Wing fighter earns the Rebels another ten seconds.

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