SWTOR Fallen Empire story chapter length and new content

New Level 60s Romances Chapter 1 SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire

A new video that was published by Lady Insanity shows many details about chapter length, unspecified new content, and romance choices that has been revealed from BioWare.

Some of the key points in the video are:

Chapter 1 will be the tutorial chapter and many of the abilities will be locked. However, you can unlock abilities as you progress through the game.

All subscribers will receive the free level 60 character and it will have plenty of gear to kill enemies in Chapter 1 but you won’t receive any credits.

All of the chapters will be at least 1 hour long altogether. This includes cut scenes, choice wheels, and conversations. Some of the chapters will actually be longer than this.

Romance in the game can get complicated if you decide to cheat on your loved one. Other characters in the game can find out if you have been romancing another character.

The game is one large story with no specific class missions.

In the Fallen Empire, there will be new content besides the redone operations and flashpoints and the story. The new content is going to be different from what it is currently but BioWare is keeping the lid shut on the details.

Video from Lady Insanity.