First Embargo on the SWTOR Fan Site Summit Drops

This week could mean big news for SWTOR fans all over the globe as the first embargo on the SWTOR fan site summit drops this week. This means those site representatives who attended will be able to start posting information about what they experienced at the summit.

Since there was a wide variety of people who attended, it should make for a good variety of opinions and viewpoints on the content from the summit and help all of us gain better insight into what we expect from the game.

As we all anxiously await the release of SWTOR, any news is good news at this point and fans will scramble for even the tiniest bit of new information about the game. So what can we expect from the first embargo dropping?

It sounds like we will see information on the content that was played at the event, which will include Agent and Bounty Hunter details. Stephen Reid verified this to be true on the SWTOR Community forums.

The second embargo is expected to cover PVP experience from the fan site summit so it is expected to be dropped when BioWare is ready to release more information about PVP in the game, hopefully in the coming weeks.

So why the embargo?
Embargos on events like these are actually a good thing for the community and fans. While we might be anxious to find out the latest and greatest news, the embargo ensures that we are getting only the best information.

If the guests of the event were not limited from leaking information for a certain period of time, they would all be scrambling to be the first to get info out there. You would have cryptic Tweets, dark cell phone pictures and other garbles of information shooting all over Cyberspace as each tries to beat out the other on breaking the news first.

Not only would the quality of the info be poor, but it was also hinder their abilities to just play and experience the game and the other opportunities. The embargo allows everyone attending to stay on a level playing field, gather their information and then have equal amounts of time to prepare it for the public.