SWTOR Fan Site Summit

They say everything’s bigger in Texas and there has yet to be a SW:TOR event as awesome as the upcoming, first-ever Fan Site Summit hosted by Bio-Ware.

Early week, BioWare twittered from the official SW:TOR account with the following: “In one week, reps from #SWTOR fan sites will be in Austin, TX for the first Fan Site Summit. Official Twitter tag is #SWTOUR!”

This is exciting news for Star Wars: The Old Republic fans everywhere!

The first Fan Site Summit is scheduled for next weekend, from April 23-26. (Who’s skipping Easter for paddle boat rides with David Bass?) As several SWTOR fan sites are reporting their participation already, we know there will be a great deal of information coming out just after the event and we want to be the first to bring it to you right here on the site so stay tuned.

We can’t wait to hear and report to you about the tours of the studio, hands-on experience of the game as well as interviews with the developers. What questions are you hoping get answered from this event? What more are you hoping to learn about SW:TOR from this event?

  • Will there be mini games and will they be multi-player or individual?
  • What will the raid experience be like?
  • What will raid sizes be like? (Guilds, mine included, are already planning)
  • What can we expect from World PvP?

So many questions- let’s hope we get some answers!
While you wait, read our London SWTOR Event Roundup to see what fans had to say at the hands-on UK event.

Stay tuned for updates and recaps of the event and remember to follow #SWTOUR to stay up to date on what’s happening via Twitter