‘Dragon Age Legends’ hits Facebook ( Do we get to see SWTOR the Facebook game to? )

Registration for the closed beta trial is open for Dragon Age Legends, a new Facebook game from BioWare, the makers of Dragon Age: Origins and the upcoming Dragon Age II (out March 8).

The game introduces the Free Marches, the primary setting for Dragon Age II. Players who complete specific goals in the Facebook game will be able to earn up to five exclusive items that can used in Dragon Age II, as well as the Jade Empire-inspired Death’s Hand Armor for their Dragon Age Legends character in the Facebook game’s open beta.

Early buyers of Dragon Age II playing the beta can also get early access to the official launch version of the Facebook game, set for later in March. And those who buy Dragon Age II and log in before March 15 will get the Dragon Age Legends BioWare Signature pack the next time they log into the Facebook game. to Dragon Age Legends. The special pack includes Hawke, the main character in Dragon Age II, as a companion, some helpful in-game items and an exclusive that will forever designate a player as a BioWare Signature member.

Sign up on the Dragon Age Legends site or on Facebook (search: Dragon Age Legends).

Question now. Will there be a Star Wars: The old republic Facebook game?