Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Update 1.0.4 – Enhanced 120 FPS Mode and Fixes

Nightdive Studios, known for its meticulous remasters of classic 90s first-person shooters, has recently released Patch 1.0.4 for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster. This update brings significant enhancements to the game, including a much-anticipated feature for console players and several fixes aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience.

Overview of Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster

Star Wars: Dark Forces was originally released in 1995 and quickly became a beloved title among fans of the Star Wars universe and first-person shooter enthusiasts alike. The remaster by Nightdive Studios not only rejuvenates the game’s visuals with upgraded textures and cutscenes but also preserves the integrity of the original game’s level design and gameplay, making it a nostalgic yet fresh experience for both old fans and newcomers.

What’s New in Update 1.0.4?

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster now supports 120 FPS on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, a significant upgrade from the previous 60 FPS cap. This improvement is particularly notable because of the game’s reliance on 2D sprite visuals, which are less demanding on modern hardware, thus allowing for higher frame rates without compromising resolution.

Performance Enhancements Across Platforms

  • Improved Frame Rate: As highlighted, the game now runs at 120 FPS on next-gen consoles, enhancing the smoothness and responsiveness of the gameplay.
  • Switch Performance: The patch also brings performance optimizations to the Nintendo Switch, ensuring a more consistent gameplay experience across all console platforms.
  • Audio Fixes: The update addresses issues with the game’s music, which previously suffered from off-tempo playback and missing notes.

Gameplay and Technical Fixes

  • Level Specific Tweaks: Fixes have been made to broken door switches, particularly noted in the Ramses Hed and the Avenger bonus CES demo levels.
  • Ice Physics Adjustments: While the specifics of the ice physics adjustments weren’t detailed, the update ensures a more reliable experience in the Ice Station Beta level.
  • General Bug Fixes: The patch resolves a variety of bugs, including issues with music panning, random note dropouts, and some graphical glitches like improper texture offsets and model culling.

Looking Ahead: Nightdive Studios’ Future Projects

With the update of Dark Forces, Nightdive Studios doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The upcoming release of the System Shock remake is highly anticipated, scheduled for release on PlayStation and Xbox on May 21. Additionally, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is still in development, promising further delights for fans of classic gaming.


The latest patch for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster is a testament to Nightdive Studios’ commitment to preserving the essence of classic games while enhancing them for new generations of gamers. With ongoing projects like System Shock and potential future endeavors, such as possibly remastering Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, Nightdive continues to be a beacon for fans of retro gaming in a modern landscape.

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Update 1.0.4 – Detailed Patch Notes:

  • Cheating is now reset when players change levels
  • Improve music playback timing
  • Fix randomization of scripted music events
  • Fix music panning
  • Fix random note dropouts
  • Fix ice physics
  • Fix some switches not working (like in Ramses Hed)
  • Fix issue rendering mask on GPU renderer
  • Fix culling of 3D models
  • Performance fixes for Switch
  • Fix target FPS on PS5/XSX (used to be locked at 60 FPS, now runs at 120)
  • Fix texture offset for floor-based skies
  • Fix repeater sound incorrectly stopping when it should loop
  • Fix collision at high framerates
  • Fix switches on Avenger
  • Fix a rare crash when skipping forward through levels
  • Slow down homing missiles to match the original game
  • Fix some hi-res sprites so they use fullbright effects
  • Add HD loading screen
  • Weapon Wheel now always has weapons in the same place
  • Add animation to Death Star Plans and Nava Card
  • (PC ONLY) – Compatibility Fixes

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster continues to impress with its robust updates and commitment to quality. Whether you’re revisiting the game to relive cherished memories or experiencing its charm for the first time, this remaster undoubtedly offers something special for every Star Wars and classic gaming aficionado.