LEGO Fortnite x Star Wars: Rebel Adventure Pass - Complete Guide to Quests & Rewards

LEGO Fortnite x Star Wars: Rebel Adventure Pass – Complete Guide to Quests & Rewards

The latest collaboration between LEGO Fortnite and Star Wars has introduced an exciting array of challenges and rewards for players. This partnership brings a fresh twist to Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite, following the 29.40 update. Whether you’re battling in Battle Royale, Festival, or Rocket Racing modes, or engaging in the brand-new LEGO Fortnite mini-pass known as the Rebel Adventure, there’s something new for everyone.

Unlocking the Rebel Adventure Pass in LEGO Fortnite

For the first time in LEGO Fortnite, a mini-pass has been introduced. Dubbed the Rebel Adventure, this pass allows players to undertake quests in Survival and Sandbox modes to earn free rewards. This significant crossover with the Star Wars franchise adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game.

LEGO Fortnite Rebel Adventure Quests

Here’s a breakdown of the quests available in the Rebel Adventure pass and the rewards they offer:

  • Collect Macrobinoculars from Rebel Captain (1) – Earn 185 Studs
  • Build a Rebel Workbench (1) – Earn 185 Studs
  • Talk to Rebel Wookie Rancher Grrraaalf (1) – Earn 185 Studs
  • Eliminate Imperials (6) – Earn 185 Studs
  • Equip a Lightsaber (1) – Earn 185 Studs
  • Talk to Rebel Mon Calamari Chef Ackzat (1) – Earn 185 Studs

LEGO Star Wars Quests

These quests focus on aiding the Rebellion and are critical for advancing through the game during the event:

  • Part 1 Quests:
    • Talk to Rebel Captain (1) – 5,000 XP
    • Invite a Villager to Explore With You (1) – 5,000 XP
    • Defeat Enemies (10) – 5,000 XP
    • Interact with the Rebel Village Square (1) – 5,000 XP
    • Help Complete a Rebel Building (1) – 5,000 XP
    • Add Imperial Enemies to your Inventory in Sandbox (12) – 5,000 XP
  • Part 2 Quests:
    • Talk to Rebel Protocol Droid C-43S or C-6JR (1)
    • Defeat Imperials (4)
    • Complete Encounters around the Rebel Base (2)
    • Collect Plastoid (15)
    • Hit Enemies with Ranged Weapons (15)
    • Place Rebel or Imperial Pieces in Sandbox World (25)
    • Consume Food (6)

Weekly Survival and Sandbox Quests

These quests provide ongoing challenges through July 23, 2024, rewarding players for their participation in the new Star Wars-themed content:

  • Survival Weekly Quests:
    • Build a Rebel Guided Build (1) – 220 Studs
    • Build a Vehicle Guided Build (1) – 220 Studs
    • Collect Plastoids (1) – 220 Studs
    • Eliminate Stormtroopers (6) – 220 Studs
    • Emote with Rebel Protocol Droid using a Dance Emote (1) – 220 Studs
  • Sandbox Weekly Quests:
    • Defeat Stormtroopers with a Lightsaber (12) – 515 Studs
    • Visit a crashed Star Destroyer (1) – 515 Studs
    • Complete 5 Builds in a Dry Valley cave (5) – 515 Studs

Rebel Adventure Pass Rewards

Players can choose between a free track and a premium track that costs 1,400 V-Bucks for additional rewards:

  • Base Tier: Chewbacca Outfit & LEGO style – None Required
  • Tier 1 to 11: Includes various decor bundles, Mos Eisley builds, and more ranging from 1,000 to 11,000 Studs needed for each tier.

Upon purchasing the premium track, players receive the Chewbacca Outfit with a unique LEGO style and a built-in Wookiee War Cry Emote.


The LEGO Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration offers an enriching experience filled with quests, challenges, and numerous rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite veteran or a newcomer to the LEGO version, the Rebel Adventure pass provides a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into the world of Fortnite and Star Wars combined. Don’t miss out on these exciting quests and the chance to earn exclusive rewards!

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