Lego Reveals Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Set With Cal Kestis Minifigure

Lego Unveils New Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Set Featuring Cal Kestis Minifigure

Lego’s celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4 might have peaked for some with their exciting builds, but the party is far from over. As Lego marks the 25th anniversary of its Star Wars line, fans are in for a treat with the latest addition: an Imperial Star Destroyer set, now available for pre-order on Amazon. This set is special not just for its iconic design but also for including a minifigure of Cal Kestis, a beloved character from the video game “Jedi: Fallen Order.”

A Celebratory Set: Imperial Star Destroyer

The new Lego Star Destroyer isn’t just another set; it’s a collector’s dream. Spanning 1,555 pieces and priced at $159.99, the model stretches 18 inches long and stands six inches high. It’s a detailed replica that promises to capture the imposing essence of its cinematic counterpart. The set features a lineup of seven minifigures, including Darth Vader with his distinctive red lightsaber and Commander Praji. Notably, the inclusion of Cal Kestis as the 25th-anniversary figure adds a unique touch, celebrating a quarter-century of Lego Star Wars.

Cal Kestis: From Screen to Lego

The choice of Cal Kestis for the anniversary minifigure is particularly interesting. Lego has a tradition of adding special anniversary figures to sets that might not directly relate to them, a trend seen with the inclusion of Darth Malak in the latest R2-D2 set. Although rumors initially placed Kestis in a potential Death Star set, his debut in the Star Destroyer set has pleasantly surprised fans and collectors alike.

Missing Piece: Where’s BD-1?

While the excitement around Kestis’s inclusion is palpable, some fans might feel a slight letdown due to the absence of BD-1, Kestis’s droid sidekick, who has become almost as iconic as Kestis himself. Despite BD-1’s appearance in Lego’s celebratory Star Wars video, he is conspicuously missing from this set. Fans of the droid can find solace in the existing full Lego build of BD-1 available for those who wish to complete their collection.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Jedi Games and Lego Star Wars

As anticipation builds for the third installment in the Jedi game series, following the success of “Survivor,” it’s clear that Cal Kestis’s journey in the Star Wars universe is far from over. Meanwhile, Lego continues to expand its Star Wars collection with this latest set slated for release on August 1. This ongoing collaboration between Lego and Star Wars not only honors past legends but also paves the way for new adventures.


The introduction of the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer set with Cal Kestis is more than just an addition to a collector’s shelf; it’s a celebration of Star Wars legacy and innovation. As Lego Star Wars turns 25, this set symbolizes the enduring appeal of the franchise and its capacity to bring together fans of all ages. Whether you’re a die-hard collector or a new fan, this set promises to be a worthy addition to any Star Wars collection, bridging the gap between generations and stories within the vast Star Wars galaxy.