“Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection” Makes a Hefty Return with a 25GB File Size

The eagerly awaited “Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection” is set to make a grand entrance onto the gaming stage, bringing with it not just a wave of nostalgia but also a substantial 25GB file size. This collection, which bundles together the iconic original Star Wars Battlefront games, promises to deliver hours of galactic warfare to fans old and new across various platforms.

A Galactic Size for a Galactic Adventure

The 25GB file size is a testament to the depth and breadth of content that the Classic Collection offers. It encompasses fully remastered versions of the original games, complete with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and all the beloved maps, modes, and characters that fans remember. This file size indicates a significant upgrade from the originals, ensuring that the games not only run smoothly on modern hardware but also meet the visual and performance expectations of today’s gamers.

What Gamers Can Expect

Players diving into the “Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection” can look forward to reliving epic battles across iconic locations from the Star Wars universe. From the forests of Endor to the icy plains of Hoth, the collection brings these battlegrounds to life with stunning detail. The inclusion of various multiplayer modes, alongside campaigns that delve into the lore of Star Wars, ensures that there’s something for every type of player.

Storage Considerations for Players

With a file size of 25GB, players will need to ensure they have sufficient storage space on their chosen platform. This is especially relevant for Nintendo Switch owners, who may need to invest in additional SD card storage to accommodate the game alongside their existing library. However, the promise of diving back into the classic Battlefront experience is likely to make this a worthwhile investment for many.

A Warm Welcome Back to the Galaxy

The “Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection” represents more than just a trip down memory lane; it’s a celebration of the series’ legacy and its impact on the gaming world. As players prepare to download and dive into 25GB of Star Wars history, the excitement is palpable. This collection not only offers a chance to revisit cherished memories but also to introduce a new generation to the thrill of Star Wars Battlefront.


As the “Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection” prepares for launch, its 25GB file size stands as a reminder of the expansive and immersive experience that awaits players. Whether you’re a veteran of the original games or a newcomer eager to explore the galaxy, this collection promises to deliver an adventure of galactic proportions. Ready your consoles and clear some space — the battle for the galaxy is about to begin anew.