Poki Games: Everything you didn’t know about their origin

The little ones of the last decade have become familiar with poki games and since their beginnings they have captivated all their users. In addition to being didactic, they are varied, original and fun for children of all ages. In the rise of the technological era, more and more children are starting to play the famous poki games on different websites that can be found on Google. 

What is the origin of Poki games?

The history of online Poki games dates back to 2014, when Sebastian Moys, a programmer, created a website called poki.nl. Initially, it all happened in Amsterdam and became popular thanks to the immense amount of games that the platform had. Each of the games on the platform was designed based on HTML5 language. 

Another event that gives recognition to poki games is the fact that they received a Webby Award in 2019. For those who have no idea what this award symbolizes for games, this can be compared to receiving an Oscar in the field of cinema. Receiving this award in the presence of 30,000 other projects symbolizes the effort, originality and fluidity with which poki games were constituted. 

Undoubtedly, Mr. Graves’ comments at this award ceremony for the poki games were truly motivating for the creator of this project. The praises in question spoke about the innovation and creativity that Sebastian Moys possesses. In addition, he mentioned that this team is highly rated for its hard work, creativity and originality. 

How do Poki games help children and young people? 

It is a fact that video games can have a negative impact on the development of children or young people, but they also have significant benefits. Poki games contribute to the development of skills such as memory, language comprehension, teamwork, creativity, memory and attention. Each poki game promises to facilitate the development of various cognitive skills, and some have educational content. 

What are the most popular games? 

Each poki game is usually accompanied by excitement and fun. On this platform, you will be able to get games for all ages and genders. You can get popular games, traditional games, role-playing games, board games, card games, children’s games, exploratory games, constructive games and more. Some of the most requested games on the platform are: 

  • The Saga of the Defender of the Castle. 
  • Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense 
  • Zombie Mission 3 
  • Adam and Eve go 
  • Princess E-girl fashion 
  • Hungry Shark Arena
  • Skate Fever 
  • LEGO Star Wars Empire vs. Rebel
  • Fire boy and water girl in all their volumes 
  • Motorcycle X3M
  • Idle Arks: Sail and build
  • Pop it master 

The entertainment with poki games never ends, as new trending games are added to the platform every day. Some have been discontinued despite Adobe Flash changes, but you will always find a way to have an entertaining time within this platform.