“I could weave a throw rug right now with my eyes closed”

Title is a reference to Demolition Man. This post is pre patch 1.3 so some things have changed. This thing took the player months to unlock, but that’s an artifact quality schematic from every medium armor green schem, plus a few of the blues (Which can be RE’d into even higher artifacts but there is little reason to do that).

  • Redoubt (+Defense)
  • -Anti-Armor (+Defense, +Surge)
  • -Exactitude (+Defense, +Accuracy)
  • -General’s (+Defense, +Presence)
  • -Veracity (+Defense, +Shield)
  • Critical (+Critical)
  • -Endowment (+Critical, +Surge)
  • -Fervor (+Critical, +Accuracy)
  • -Leadership (+Critical, +Presence)
  • -Supremacy (+Critical, +Alacrity)
  • -Tempest (+Critical, +Shield)
  • Overkill (+Power)
  • -Commander (+Power, +Presence)
  • -Expert (+Power, +Surge)
  • -Hawkeye (+Power, +Accuracy)
  • -Rampart (+Power, +Shield)
  • -Vehemence (+Power, +Alacrity)


Took about 3 months to grind out the medium armors to get a full set from the starting green schems.


Many  have tried selling them on the GTN, but there’s no way you can make money back doing that. The reason there is so many artifacts is that Vehemence, Rampart and Commander (and the crit versions) usually sell at at 20% discount. General’s armor (Defense + Presence) sells at almost half what a hawkeye piece does.

Crafting is a very poor way to make money though. Pre 1.2 it would take about a million credits to unlock a purple schematic in the upper 30’s and lower 40’s. Post 1.2 it is a lot better, but it’s still pretty harsh. Gear typically sells at 250-500x the rating on sub 49 gear if you want to sell it within 24-48 hours.


The Player stopped at the level 47 gear because at 49+ all players should be doing their Belsavis and Ilum Dailys, which give you 124 rated item mods from the heroics. Hardmode flashpoints and storymode operations also drop Tionese, which is 126 rated, and Columi which is 136 rated.


No we have not seen medium armor synthweaving Tier 7 and Tier 8 Schems drop from operations (and I’ve done my fair share of them). Light armor seems to be a bit more favored on the RNG tables, which suggest a bug in their loot drop tables. Not surprising for anyone who’s done end game content though.