50 Million Credits for Guild Ships

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If you want a guild ship, you better be ready to open up your pockets. SWTOR will charge 50 million credits for guild ships. Eric Musco, Community Manager for Bioware, announced recently on the livestream that this is how much it will cost for guild ships in the Galactic Strongholds expansion. It’s not surprising that it will cost credits. I think all players were pretty much expecting that. The real question lies in how much and whether or not it would be “too much” for your average guild.

While moderate to large size guilds will probably not have any trouble with the 50 million credits, it could pose a problem with smaller guilds. I always played MMORPGs with a partner and we would often name our guilds “Just the Two of Us”. In some games like WoW and EverQuest we would even have to get other people to sign our charters to start the guilds and then boot them out later so it truly was “just the two of us”. But the amount of credits they are asking for guild ships could make it harder for smaller groups like this. Are they trying to encourage larger guilds or just more teamwork within the community? Are they trying to make getting a guild ship something that people put more thought into, rather than just doing on a whim? I guess time will tell if this is a good price point for the new feature.

So what do you think? Is this amount unreasonable for Bioware to ask of the new feature that so many have been looking forward to? Or do you agree that most regular players can amass this mount of money for their guild without problems? Do you think it will hurt the economy or lead to an increase in credit farming and buying?

Learn more about Galactic Strongholds here.

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