Lion’s Den Helmets – Mandalorian Death Watch Mask

full size mandalorian death watch helmet

You know how we love bringing you cool stuff, especially SWTOR or Star Wars themed cool stuff. Not only is this awesome- but you can even buy one for yourself. This artist is offering these beautiful works of art in custom colors and designs.

Star Wars Helmet Fett Mandalorian Death Watch Mask Prop Armor Cosplay SWTOR

This is a custom made full size mandalorian/death watch helmet, available on Etsy and we think it’s so awesome, we had to share it with you. He has sold over 23 hand-crafted masks so far on Etsy and you can get one for yourself. It only sets you back about $189, or $95 for the Darth Revan custom mask

From the product description:

Helmet is cast & ready for paint, just let me know what color & design you want. The three colors I carry stock are blue, red & black.

Cold cast with aluminum in a heavy urethane resin, this helmet is hand painted with brush and airbrush.

Foam padding has been installed on the inside. 

Check out the video here from Lions Den studio that shows you what they do, and the awesome helmets they create. You can also check out the Facebook fanpage to stay up to date on what’s happening, communicate with Lions Den Studio and ask any questions that you may have about the masks.

Lisa Clark

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