May the schwartz be with you: Slave Leia is bringing sexy back

Back in april we did a post about Slave Leia Charity Car Wash. The Post did really well on DIGG and was featured in DiggNation. It also gave us a huge amount of complaints from some of readers though. Angry nerds telling us that the Slave Leia’s costume is overexposed, Portraying Slave Leia demeans her character, Most Slave Leia models aren’t portraying Slave Leia, Slave Leia is about attention, not cosplay and bla bla bla.

Well… Here at swtorstrategies, we like slave Leia. We even admit to have dirty fantasies about her. So in honor of that we bring you 25 damn hot sexy slave Leia drawing.

[Edit: The US government asked us to remove 10 pictures, or we would be prosecuted for rape  in Sweden]

By J. Scott Campbell
By Lu ?
By  Alexis P. Millan
By Gelatomettista


By J. Scott Campbell
By Laurie B
By Jessasketch


by *jasinmartin
By Scott Zmbelli
By mainasha