swtor cartel maket sale

SWTOR: Cartel Market Additions: Game Update 7.1.1

With a new game update comes new gear on the galatic cartel market… Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items live in the Cartel Market this week!

Sa’har Kateen’s Armor SetAvailable Now!

(Weapon not included.)Reforged Mandalorian Hunter’s Armor SetAvailable Now!

(Weapon not included.)Sa’har Kateen’s LightsaberAvailable Now!

/Retired Gladiator Blaster PistolAvailable Now!

/Retired Gladiator Blaster RifleAvailable Now!

/Retired Gladiator Sniper RifleAvailable Now!

/Retired Gladiator Asssault CannonAvailable Now!

/Collector’s Edition Vendor AccessAvailable Now!

Oriconian HssissAvailable Now!

Advanced Magenta-White CrystalsAvailable Now!

Hunter’s Blue and White and White and Blue Dye ModulesAvailable Now!

(Default color, Blue / White, then White / Blue as shown on the Dark Marauder’s Armor Set.)
Nar Shaddaa Holo Signs Decoration BundleAvailable Now!